3 Nov 2013

there's no witty or mysterious way to say this is changing direction, is there?

At risk of sounding like we're 45 years old and splurging on a red Ferrari due to an overbearing sense of crisis, nimoca is 'changing direction' if you will, and is no longer going to be a strict (well, it was never that strict, was it?) look book.  We're much too immature to keep up the serious blogger (again, did we ever get all that serious?) facade any longer.  So say hello to this new space, where we are basically going to document our lives through pictures and stupid, stupid self-deprecating stories that will (hopefully) brighten your day, or at least, give you something to read or look at that will help you procrastinate all the real and important things you're meant to be doing.  Someone once asked us a question that they didn't quite understand what our blog was about, and at the time, we were really at a loss at how to answer that properly.  Hopefully now, we can answer that for you.  This is a blog about us.  *inspirational music muffled in the background*

- the girls at nimoca x