5 Sep 2013

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2013

Last night Nicolette, Alana and myself went along to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. We were lucky enough to attend the Designer Runway 2 featuring the likes of Alice McCall, Manning Cartell & LIFEwithBIRD. Upon arrival we were given novelty lipstick pens (which we wished were real) and struggled to find our seats. The show was beautiful and featured some hilarious interesting interpretive dancers wearing unitards in-between designers. 

Alice McCall was definitely a highlight for the three of us and we spend majority of her show agreeing we had to go and try on absolutely everything in the store. 

Manning Cartell
Alice McCall

Soooooo if you're in Melbourne this week/end make sure to go past the MSFW hub and grab yourself a free! coffee (ft. Alice McCall packaging) and liquorice and makeup etc. etc.