5 Aug 2013

This hiatus is getting ridiculous

We've quite literally fallen off the face of the earth these past five weeks.  The European sun has melted our brain cells and impaired our ability to post anything worthy on our blog.  Also, our wifi has been limited to €12.50 for half an hour of shit access and our lack of computer has hindered our ability to post any photos, whatsoever.  But, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, to anyone who has stuck around to both wait for us to post and to read this ridiculous post (I'm pretty sure I have heat stroke right now and I'm sweating something chronic).  Nimoca is home next week!  Prepare yourselves for some of the most tourist photos you've seen in your life.  You can even see our outfits as well.  And we can show you our London purchases.  Now that's the craic.
N x