28 Aug 2013


Our next stop was the land of pizza, pasta and flying cannolis.  Italy.  We hit Venice, Rome, Pisa and Florence in five days and battled the hottest sun to see as much as possible.  We were each others dates on the Venitian gondola ride, gladiators (minus the chariots, unfortunately) in Rome and the most obvious tourists ever in Pisa.  What one does at the Leaning Tower shouldn't be judged, right? 

Ooooo lukewarm champagne in a plastic cup featuring an angry gondolier and a sneaker in the canal.

Just before we fought off lions and such

Can I take the prize for best tourist Pisa shot or what??  
Kicking a leaning tower back into an upright position is difficult, let me tell you.
Next stop on our trip... France!
Nic wears: Topshop top, Sportsgirl dungarees, RayBan wayfarers, Mocha bag, London Links bracelet
Caitlin wears: Witchery top, Lee shorts & Sportsgirl top, Decjuba skit & Miss Selfridge jumpsuit
Monique wears: Glassons maxi dress, Dolce and Gabanna sunglasses, Hat from Venetian market