24 Aug 2013

"Fondue Fondue Fondue" aka Switzerland

So once we had survived Amsterdam and one night in Rhine Valley we made our way to Switzerland. Months and months ago when the four of us were planning this holiday, we had little idea of what to expect of Switzerland. We pictured lots of chocolate, cheese and maybe a surprise encounter with Rodger Federer. Well let me tell you Switzerland is one of the most amazing places we have ever seen. From the first moment we hopped off the bus and strolled along the boardwalk we fell in love.

We took a lengthy chair lift ride up the swiss alps all the while the four of us attempted to stay calm. Some old school Britney Spears really helped us out - there's a handy tip for you
The views from the top of the mountain were truly a once in a life time experience (although Nicolette & I had to stop every few stairs due to extreme unfitness). 
I also had a hard time manoeuvring myself onto the rocks. 
Oh and there's a selfie that looks like my water is going into the clouds
... no? I was unconvinced too.

 Despite the blazing heat and highly priced ice-cream, we decided to hire a boat and paddle ourselves around. 
Actually Monique and Nicolette used all their energy to peddle whist Steph and I lay down in the back. 

Caitlin wears: River Island top, Lee Shorts, MinkPink sunglasses, Country Road shoes

Nicolette wears: ASOS crop top, Valley girl pinafore, Beginning Boutique Sunglasses, a raging hangover

Monique wears: Glassons dress, Novo shoes