16 Aug 2013


After London, a short ferry and veryyyy long bus ride we arrived in Amsterdam. We honestly could not believe how breathtaking it was. Every tiny corner of this city was pituresque perfection. Of course we had to do as the Dutch do and rode bikes through the streets, avoiding crashing into a tree and falling into a canal. It was quite a struggle to focus on the views around us, hold on to the handlebars, take pictures on our iPhones and remember to pedal.

(Ahem girl band minus musical talent)

Fitting the entire I AMsterdam was not entirely successful but this didn't bother us too much because helloooo pancakes (and mayonnaise fries but that's a whole other story)

As we were walking through the park we noticed a large group of impeccably dressed girls and photographers. After some slight confusion we were informed that it was Amsterdam's Fashion Weekend. Well that explains the model DJ-ing in a comby van hey? 

Caitlin wears: River Island top, Lee shorts, Converse shoes, House of Harlow sunglasses, Mimco bag, Michael Kors watch & Rings from the Camden Markets
Nic wears: Top a part of the Vintage picks Topshop, Valley Girl shorts, Beginning Boutique sunglasses, Mocha bag, American Apparel hair bow
Monique wears: Sportsgirl tshirt, Sportsgirl shorts, Sportsgirl sunglasses