5 Jun 2013

"I'm tired and it's winter"

Caitlin is wearing: Topshop Jumper, Vintage jeans, Zara shoes, Alexander Wang bag, Jolie & Deen necklace, 
Michael Kors watch
Nic is wearing: Valley Girl shirt, Asos denim jacket, Asos skirt, Mocha bag, Sportsgirl necklace

"I know, lets call it 'CHURCH FUN'" - Steph
"Yeah, write 'with our friend Steph'" - Caitlin

This was taken pre-Thai and post-plaits, during the community's Friday night mass.  We barely dodged a downpour and received an unimaginable amount of strange looks from passers-by; it's a hard knock life, quote unquote Annie.  Also, a massive thank you to our best friend Steph for braving the cold with us to take our pictures.
In other news, there's only 23 days until we leave for Europe.  Have we started packing?  No.  Are we planning to pack the night before?  Yes.

1 Jun 2013


Oh hey there, just us again pestering you on the internet
We're back with a behind the scenes type look at the making of our last post. 
As previously mentioned we do like to dance around and act like fools but sometimes our outfit posts are more serious pensive *see last post.
So as an attempt for you to get to know us a little better, here is a small insight into how we roll taking pictures during peak hour train time.

Hoods are so underrated. Especially the little-red-riding variety.

Taking a business call (cough Katia) & admiring a really compelling vine. 

#Nicolettehairappreciationsociety is now recruiting new members.  (That bin, that's a naiiiiiiice bin)

Update: we are still in an induced state of post Gatsby depression and Uni is almost over for the semester so that means a few things:
a) 2 months off aka now we spend every waking minute preparing for...
c) More posts, more variety, more often (are we a shifty insurance company?)

We also have some exciting collaborations coming up that we will keep you posted about!

N&C xx