28 May 2013

Leo Appreciation Part 2

Nicolette wears: Lilya shirt, Valleygirl pinafore, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Michael Kors watch,
MinkPink sunglasses, Sportsgirl necklace & tights. 

Caitlin wears: Topshop dress, Topshop coat, Seed scarf, Dannijo necklace, Tony Bianco boots, 
Michael Kors watch & Alexander Wang bag.

It's was a long time coming but the day finally arrived where we would attend the Great Gatsby premiere, hosted by Revlon.  We edited and put together this post in a fragile state of post-Gatsby depression, so we are truly sorry if this is unusually somber.  Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey has been on repeat since we trudged out of the cinema, our hopes and dreams crushed by those careless Buchanans.

Dramatics aside, these were our outfits for the night.  There's also a little Red Riding Hood / are-we-in-a-denim-themed-cult vibe running through both our outfits, don't you think? No?

We will leave you with the above photo of the two of us that poses many unanswered questions. Who took the photo? Why are we holding the camera? If we're holding it then what camera did we use?  
Ok you're probably not asking any of those questions. ahhh leg pop regrets. 
- N&C

7 May 2013


Apologies for the non-outfit-post-post but we 100% need to discuss this 2013 Met Gala moment. Nicole Richie I meannnn it's perfection really. During a thoroughly intriguing Modern Asia lecture yesterday (cough not) I was scrolling through images of the various best and worst dressed lists online. "Punk: Chaos to Couture" was the set theme this year and as most will agree, there wasn't much of it to be seen. I was very underwhelmed or 'just whelmed' as Cher would put it. UNTIL I came across this gem. 

At first glance I was a little shocked, though after a few seconds had passed it was like the heavens had opened and suddenly everything made sense. The frosted hair, the double ear cuffs, that mac/chanel combo lip ahaaaaa. Oh and if you haven't fallen in love with this look already then let me enlighten you on who designed her dress. 
Chanel you say? Another vintage Valentino perhaps?
Topshop. Yes close your gaping mouth you heard correctly. Do you love it?*

Oh and before I end this post can we also appreciate how even the tiny details i.e. nails and jewellery are spot on. Annnd on a completely different note another outfit post should be up and posted very shortly! 

- C x
*a simple life reference I really hope you picked up on

2 May 2013

Once upon a Hosier Lane...

 Nicolette is wearing:  Asos beanie, H&M jumper, Minty meets Munt shirt, Zara pants, Michael Kors watch, Lovisa necklace & Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes

Caitlin is wearing: Topshop top, American Apparel skirt, Tony Bianco boots, Decjuba scarf, Michael Kors watch, Gorjana bracelet, Mink Pink Sunglasses & Sportsgirl bag

We are making it our mission to transform the 'outfit post' from a rarity on our blog to a weekly post, and we thought, what better way to kick this off than to visit one of Melbourne's most iconic lane ways, Hosier Lane.  We're pretty sure there was half a school there taking notes for an excursion as well as a group of models and an odd tourist or two.  Here are some pictures we took during our Uni break today with the help of our lovely friend Carla.

- N & C xx