27 Apr 2013


europe suckers

As you can probably tell our personal styles are quite different, which is always a good thing as if we happen to develop musical talent and form a girl band we will each have a distinct look - spice girls style 
The above items are what I would love love to be wearing or lugging around Europe with me in the coming months. Although probably not entirely realistic *see: Missoni beach towel costing $255 ahhh 

So, for the next 62 DAYS I am going to continue picturing myself sporting loose flowing Zimmermann playsuits and Isabel Marant beaded blouses whilst carrying a Proenza Schouler ps1 bag... through the Louvre... eating a baguette (can you eat in there? probably not hmm)

- C 

Monique was caught up in Uni responsibilities this week so we decided to put a look together that we thought portrayed her summer style. Lots of floral printed shorts, cropped shirts, floppy hats and cat eye sunglasses. OH AND of course it was necessary to include her gorge Marc by Marc Jacobs watch. 

'YO SUP SUP IM NICOLE - write your stuff here?' = Caitlin forcing me to write about my post
Hiiii!  So I spend approx 95% of my time nowadays thinking about Europe, all the clothes I will be buying as well as all of the cute outfits I will be wearing when we visit wonderful places and act like A grade tourists.  I found the most adorable black denim pinafore in General Pants the other day and I can guarantee you all that I will eventually cave and buy it for Europe.  Anyway, I also love any novelty t-shirts by Ksubi and Boy London (if you haven't already realised) and I'm an avid sunglasses enthusiast.
Also that Marc Jacobs bag is absolutely incredible.  

- N

*We'd like to say a massive thank you to the bunch of you continue to visit our blog (Georgia and Bella, a particular shoutout to the pair of you)