13 Apr 2013


Another fashion week, Another street style fiasco.
Thank god for tommy ton.

So, you may or may not know that last week was the Mercedes Bends fashion festival held in Sydney. 
While bloggers flocked from all across the globe to attend the festivities, we were impulse buying (for me this involved spending money I had allocated to buy a new dress for an upcoming wedding, on a statue of an owl. yes an owl statue. I should not be allowed to shop alone.) and loitering around uni. 
Meanwhile wishing we were wearing reflective sunglasses and sporting Hawaiian print shirts.  

Hello Zanita? Yes feel free to send over those sunglasses for european 
holidaying purposes. Thanks.

Oh bubble you can do no wrong

So much denim it warms my icy soul
Fun fact: I would happily accept an invitation to become best friends with 
Zanita Morgan & Candice Lake (please??)

When I was thinking of a name for this street style post I started humming the word Streetstyler to the tune of the 1999 song 'Freestyler'. I actually had no idea what the song was called or how I knew what it was but after some extensive googling I found this link
My apologies I'm writing this at 12:20 AM - not the most sane hour. 
Happy Sunday!