16 Apr 2013


Ok lets talk about coachella - aka - the ultimate Europe outfit inspiration.
It's truly the only place on earth where too many flower crowns, denim cut offs and tanned limbs are never a bad thing. It's strongly encouraged actually.
For the past few years I have been mentally promising myself that one day I will go. For the music? Hmm maybe. To hang out with the likes of Alexa Chung, Rumi Neely and Leandra Medine? Definitley.

So you may remember (if you don't beware constant reminders are coming your way) that Nimoca is going to Europe. 72 DAYS TO BE EXACT!
Excited is an understatement - we are physically aching to consume copious amounts of pasta, baguettes and snails whilst purchasing touristy souvenirs until we pass out. When we aren't talking about Europe we're thinking about Europe and when we aren't thinking about Europe we're stressing over the amount of clothing we need to purchase prior to the trip.

Cue: Coachella
As I said the ULTIMATE inspiration. There's nothing that screams Nimoca takes over the European summer more than brightly coloured clothing, flowers and excessive pom pom accessories. So feast your eyes my pretties on our favourite looks from the music (yes we acknowledge what it really is) festival. ahhhh 72 days. sorry.

If you're looking for a quick way to coachella-up-your-wardrobe then I would highly recommend investing in some sunglasses of either the novelty or insanely cool variety. 
Actually, maybe just buy a few pairs. 
Here are my fav picks that I would love to have sitting on my desk waiting for me every morning (pleeeeaseeeee)