11 Apr 2013


A common past-time for us three is procrastinating real things that need to be done; for example, uni assignments, blog posts, and getting out of bed in the morning.  We also like to talk about how great life would be if we were in a girl band.  You might remember that ridiculous picture of us from this post, captioned Nimocamix.  This was no ordinary typo son.  We'd like to arrange for us to swap lives with all 4 members of Little Mix, as soon as possible.  

Marc Jacobs Amy 36MM watch, bag from Dangerfield

But what has this declaration of definite pathetic-ness got to do with anything?  Well, we'd like to think that girl band members have to dress in a similar way, and well, our watches match with one another, right?  No?  Maybe?  Please?  Make of this what you will, but we will remain defiant that yes, we were girl band members in a past life (regardless of the fact that we have next to no musical talent whatsoever, although, I'm pretty sure Caitlin had a clarinet stage, and I did play the drums when I was 13, naive and forced to join the school band by my music teacher / I'm now suffering terrible flashbacks call for help sos S O S/) and our taste in watches prove this.  

Christ, we do talk some shit don't we?
-N xx