19 Apr 2013


Last night we had the pleasure of attending the launch party for the new Sretsis and Matina Amanita collections at Lady Petrova.  For those of you who don't know, Lady Petrova is the most magical boutique in Scott Alley just off Flinders Lane; if you're ever wandering through the city be sure to pop past.  If we took a whole bunch of unicorns, polka dots, flowers, fairies, sparkles and glitter and then proceeded to blend them all together (although 'blending' doesn't sound very appropriate but you get my drift), that is the wonder that is Lady Petrova. 
Also, when Lana Del Rey was in town last year she visited the store and bought a flower crown as well as a custom lace dress (featured in her ride music video) so if that doesn't convince you of how fantastic this boutique is then I don't know what will.

The new Stretsis collection is just wonderful.  
Each piece is so PRETTY; it makes us want to wear beautiful dresses to uni everyday and pair them with flower crowns whilst floating around being wonderful all the time.  Not to mention the new Matina Amanita jewelry collection.  Let me just tell you that if we all had a steady income right now we would blow every cent on each piece in the new collection.
All in all we had a lovely time and those horseshoe gingerbread biscuits were absolutely on point and I truly don't think we will ever be able to eat another biscuit in our lifetime without feeling a strong sense of nostalgia that no, we will never eat anything that compares to those magical treats.