6 Apr 2013

Holy Hologram

If you're in the same hemisphere as us then you know WINTER is approaching (do I hear the faint sound of angels rejoicing?). As you may or may not have picked up I love love winter. I think maybe it's due to the fact that I can finally wear all the knitwear I have purchased throughout the year. People are constantly asking me (and by people I am mostly referring to my mum) "why are you buying winter clothing its 30 degrees outside?" 
To which I generally reply "because I love it thats why - now pass me that scarf"

Ok moving on to this Proenza Schouler holographic ps11 bag adfjadfhajhf sdfhfdadf 
I thought it couldn't get any better, oh how I was wrong. If by some chance I find a few thousand dollars on the ground (once $50 flew into Monique's car window #unfair) this is what you would most likely find in my bag. Including my mascara, fragrance and lip balm of choice (Burt's Bees rock on) as well as an iPhone for obvious instagram reasons and some jewellery (that I wish was of the Dannijo variety).  

In winter my everyday outfits worn to uni and what not generally consist of pieces that are either black, white, cream, navy or grey. So this holographic ps11 would really be the cherry on top of the perfect bland neutral sundae. (Last year my mum came home with two jumpers for me in the brightest orange and turquoise you have ever seen explaining it was a 'colour intervention')  

Anyway, now for the rest of the day I will continue to procrastinate this advertising essay I have to write and watch re-runs of American Idol instead. 

- C x