27 Apr 2013


europe suckers

As you can probably tell our personal styles are quite different, which is always a good thing as if we happen to develop musical talent and form a girl band we will each have a distinct look - spice girls style 
The above items are what I would love love to be wearing or lugging around Europe with me in the coming months. Although probably not entirely realistic *see: Missoni beach towel costing $255 ahhh 

So, for the next 62 DAYS I am going to continue picturing myself sporting loose flowing Zimmermann playsuits and Isabel Marant beaded blouses whilst carrying a Proenza Schouler ps1 bag... through the Louvre... eating a baguette (can you eat in there? probably not hmm)

- C 

Monique was caught up in Uni responsibilities this week so we decided to put a look together that we thought portrayed her summer style. Lots of floral printed shorts, cropped shirts, floppy hats and cat eye sunglasses. OH AND of course it was necessary to include her gorge Marc by Marc Jacobs watch. 

'YO SUP SUP IM NICOLE - write your stuff here?' = Caitlin forcing me to write about my post
Hiiii!  So I spend approx 95% of my time nowadays thinking about Europe, all the clothes I will be buying as well as all of the cute outfits I will be wearing when we visit wonderful places and act like A grade tourists.  I found the most adorable black denim pinafore in General Pants the other day and I can guarantee you all that I will eventually cave and buy it for Europe.  Anyway, I also love any novelty t-shirts by Ksubi and Boy London (if you haven't already realised) and I'm an avid sunglasses enthusiast.
Also that Marc Jacobs bag is absolutely incredible.  

- N

*We'd like to say a massive thank you to the bunch of you continue to visit our blog (Georgia and Bella, a particular shoutout to the pair of you)

19 Apr 2013


Last night we had the pleasure of attending the launch party for the new Sretsis and Matina Amanita collections at Lady Petrova.  For those of you who don't know, Lady Petrova is the most magical boutique in Scott Alley just off Flinders Lane; if you're ever wandering through the city be sure to pop past.  If we took a whole bunch of unicorns, polka dots, flowers, fairies, sparkles and glitter and then proceeded to blend them all together (although 'blending' doesn't sound very appropriate but you get my drift), that is the wonder that is Lady Petrova. 
Also, when Lana Del Rey was in town last year she visited the store and bought a flower crown as well as a custom lace dress (featured in her ride music video) so if that doesn't convince you of how fantastic this boutique is then I don't know what will.

The new Stretsis collection is just wonderful.  
Each piece is so PRETTY; it makes us want to wear beautiful dresses to uni everyday and pair them with flower crowns whilst floating around being wonderful all the time.  Not to mention the new Matina Amanita jewelry collection.  Let me just tell you that if we all had a steady income right now we would blow every cent on each piece in the new collection.
All in all we had a lovely time and those horseshoe gingerbread biscuits were absolutely on point and I truly don't think we will ever be able to eat another biscuit in our lifetime without feeling a strong sense of nostalgia that no, we will never eat anything that compares to those magical treats.

16 Apr 2013


Ok lets talk about coachella - aka - the ultimate Europe outfit inspiration.
It's truly the only place on earth where too many flower crowns, denim cut offs and tanned limbs are never a bad thing. It's strongly encouraged actually.
For the past few years I have been mentally promising myself that one day I will go. For the music? Hmm maybe. To hang out with the likes of Alexa Chung, Rumi Neely and Leandra Medine? Definitley.

So you may remember (if you don't beware constant reminders are coming your way) that Nimoca is going to Europe. 72 DAYS TO BE EXACT!
Excited is an understatement - we are physically aching to consume copious amounts of pasta, baguettes and snails whilst purchasing touristy souvenirs until we pass out. When we aren't talking about Europe we're thinking about Europe and when we aren't thinking about Europe we're stressing over the amount of clothing we need to purchase prior to the trip.

Cue: Coachella
As I said the ULTIMATE inspiration. There's nothing that screams Nimoca takes over the European summer more than brightly coloured clothing, flowers and excessive pom pom accessories. So feast your eyes my pretties on our favourite looks from the music (yes we acknowledge what it really is) festival. ahhhh 72 days. sorry.

If you're looking for a quick way to coachella-up-your-wardrobe then I would highly recommend investing in some sunglasses of either the novelty or insanely cool variety. 
Actually, maybe just buy a few pairs. 
Here are my fav picks that I would love to have sitting on my desk waiting for me every morning (pleeeeaseeeee)

13 Apr 2013


Another fashion week, Another street style fiasco.
Thank god for tommy ton.

So, you may or may not know that last week was the Mercedes Bends fashion festival held in Sydney. 
While bloggers flocked from all across the globe to attend the festivities, we were impulse buying (for me this involved spending money I had allocated to buy a new dress for an upcoming wedding, on a statue of an owl. yes an owl statue. I should not be allowed to shop alone.) and loitering around uni. 
Meanwhile wishing we were wearing reflective sunglasses and sporting Hawaiian print shirts.  

Hello Zanita? Yes feel free to send over those sunglasses for european 
holidaying purposes. Thanks.

Oh bubble you can do no wrong

So much denim it warms my icy soul
Fun fact: I would happily accept an invitation to become best friends with 
Zanita Morgan & Candice Lake (please??)

When I was thinking of a name for this street style post I started humming the word Streetstyler to the tune of the 1999 song 'Freestyler'. I actually had no idea what the song was called or how I knew what it was but after some extensive googling I found this link
My apologies I'm writing this at 12:20 AM - not the most sane hour. 
Happy Sunday!

11 Apr 2013


A common past-time for us three is procrastinating real things that need to be done; for example, uni assignments, blog posts, and getting out of bed in the morning.  We also like to talk about how great life would be if we were in a girl band.  You might remember that ridiculous picture of us from this post, captioned Nimocamix.  This was no ordinary typo son.  We'd like to arrange for us to swap lives with all 4 members of Little Mix, as soon as possible.  

Marc Jacobs Amy 36MM watch, bag from Dangerfield

But what has this declaration of definite pathetic-ness got to do with anything?  Well, we'd like to think that girl band members have to dress in a similar way, and well, our watches match with one another, right?  No?  Maybe?  Please?  Make of this what you will, but we will remain defiant that yes, we were girl band members in a past life (regardless of the fact that we have next to no musical talent whatsoever, although, I'm pretty sure Caitlin had a clarinet stage, and I did play the drums when I was 13, naive and forced to join the school band by my music teacher / I'm now suffering terrible flashbacks call for help sos S O S/) and our taste in watches prove this.  

Christ, we do talk some shit don't we?
-N xx

6 Apr 2013

Holy Hologram

If you're in the same hemisphere as us then you know WINTER is approaching (do I hear the faint sound of angels rejoicing?). As you may or may not have picked up I love love winter. I think maybe it's due to the fact that I can finally wear all the knitwear I have purchased throughout the year. People are constantly asking me (and by people I am mostly referring to my mum) "why are you buying winter clothing its 30 degrees outside?" 
To which I generally reply "because I love it thats why - now pass me that scarf"

Ok moving on to this Proenza Schouler holographic ps11 bag adfjadfhajhf sdfhfdadf 
I thought it couldn't get any better, oh how I was wrong. If by some chance I find a few thousand dollars on the ground (once $50 flew into Monique's car window #unfair) this is what you would most likely find in my bag. Including my mascara, fragrance and lip balm of choice (Burt's Bees rock on) as well as an iPhone for obvious instagram reasons and some jewellery (that I wish was of the Dannijo variety).  

In winter my everyday outfits worn to uni and what not generally consist of pieces that are either black, white, cream, navy or grey. So this holographic ps11 would really be the cherry on top of the perfect bland neutral sundae. (Last year my mum came home with two jumpers for me in the brightest orange and turquoise you have ever seen explaining it was a 'colour intervention')  

Anyway, now for the rest of the day I will continue to procrastinate this advertising essay I have to write and watch re-runs of American Idol instead. 

- C x