31 Mar 2013


OK, so I know you're probably thinking 'WHAT an outfit post?!??!?!'
It's quite unexpected really, I'm actually in shock too
For Easter day my family along with 50 of our family friends (yes 50) went along to Jack Rabbit Winery for lunch. When we arrived and the view hit me I knew an impromptu photo shoot was completely necessary. 
Easter for me is bitter sweet because on one hand you get loads of chocolate (hello best day ever) and on the other the production of hot cross buns begin to phase out. This is probably for the best as I generally consume at least 1 to 2 chocolate ones a day, but still a little depressing. ANYWAY I bribed my sister to take these pics as quickly as possible because onlookers started to wonder what on earth we were doing jumping around and flicking our hair. 
Oh and I thought it would be best to mix it up and sort of commentate as I go along.. enjoy 

Have you ever felt how weird it is taking 'serious' blogger shots without looking completely awkward? 
No? Well it's weird I tell ya
^^^ and there is a killer view of the vineyard ahhh grapes

Again, I can guess what you're thinking 'Is that bieber circa '09???' - so yes, I can confirm it is.
Sidenote: Was it windy or am I just flicking for affect? I can't remember
Sidenote #2: Jellies are quite uncomfortable but super cute so I do still recommend buying them if you like to dress like a 5 year old (as I clearly do)

Fun fact: my arms are ridiculously long
At this point I gave up trying to be serious, it's just not right (#b #urself)

Wearing: Alexander Wang bag, Topshop skirt, Jellies from FAT, Michael Kors watch, Jolie & Deen necklace and Sportsgirl silk singlet

And finally I leave you with my attempt to simultaneously show off the landscape and stare into your soul. 
Until next time 
Adios Amigos

- C xx