7 Mar 2013


Photos sourced from Tommy Ton & Vogue Australia

Hey everyone, apologies for the lengthy delays in between posts but starting Uni these past few weeks has taken a lot of getting used to. YES YES we are university students now! (even though we continue to act like 5 year olds).
So, if you've wondered what we have been up to recently.. let me describe for you what we have done practically everyday this week:

1. Gotten up VERY early 
2. Attended lengthy lectures and tutorials
3. Consumed many Grill'd burgers (and fries of course) 
4. Discussed our lack of friend-making abilities and terrible handwriting 
5. Caught the train without ever finding an available seat 

ahhh such a glamourous life

Anyway that aside, we have something incredibly exciting to announce... NIMOCA IS GOING TO EUROPE!!
In June/July/August of this year the three of us along with our good friend Steph, will be travelling around Europe. Even the thought of this trip makes us squeal and dance around in our seats.
So you can definitley look forward to street style snaps from the coolest of places (cough london cough) as well as multiple outfit posts and general travel pics. In the meantime we are going to spend the next few months dying over the thought of chocolate croissants and pizza ajdhfklajdf

OK SO back to reality. In the southern hemisphere Summer is now over and the colder weather is inevitably approaching. I personally can't wait and will be welcoming winter with open arms as jeans and knitwear are somewhat of an obsession of mine. The above photos are my most recent favourite street style snaps taken by the forever awesome Tommy Ton. This fashion week season he has captured so many outfits we can all gain inspiration from. 

Oversized scarves, messy hair, intricate jeans, plaid, baseball caps, khaki and impractically large coats? Yes please. 

- C x