23 Mar 2013

18 18 18

 "Lets type something hip" - Caitlin

NIMOCA IS NOW OF LEGAL AGE!  I turned 18 last Wednesday and my beaut pals bought me all these nice things, which I love and adore. The Chanel make-up is much too pretty to use so I'll keep it on my shelf and admire it from a distance.

We had a little soiree (the word is used quite loosely) for the big 1 8 which involved a boy band cake (not kidding), some A+ taco spring rolls (you read right, it's a Mexican and Japanese fiesta, what more could you ask for????) and some heart wrenching speeches (kidding).  Also, ABC shots aren't for the faint of heart and especially not for those who have a French test the next day. Unless you're partial to the taste of acetone - then go right ahead.

"The furthest thing from hip" - Nicolette