31 Mar 2013


OK, so I know you're probably thinking 'WHAT an outfit post?!??!?!'
It's quite unexpected really, I'm actually in shock too
For Easter day my family along with 50 of our family friends (yes 50) went along to Jack Rabbit Winery for lunch. When we arrived and the view hit me I knew an impromptu photo shoot was completely necessary. 
Easter for me is bitter sweet because on one hand you get loads of chocolate (hello best day ever) and on the other the production of hot cross buns begin to phase out. This is probably for the best as I generally consume at least 1 to 2 chocolate ones a day, but still a little depressing. ANYWAY I bribed my sister to take these pics as quickly as possible because onlookers started to wonder what on earth we were doing jumping around and flicking our hair. 
Oh and I thought it would be best to mix it up and sort of commentate as I go along.. enjoy 

Have you ever felt how weird it is taking 'serious' blogger shots without looking completely awkward? 
No? Well it's weird I tell ya
^^^ and there is a killer view of the vineyard ahhh grapes

Again, I can guess what you're thinking 'Is that bieber circa '09???' - so yes, I can confirm it is.
Sidenote: Was it windy or am I just flicking for affect? I can't remember
Sidenote #2: Jellies are quite uncomfortable but super cute so I do still recommend buying them if you like to dress like a 5 year old (as I clearly do)

Fun fact: my arms are ridiculously long
At this point I gave up trying to be serious, it's just not right (#b #urself)

Wearing: Alexander Wang bag, Topshop skirt, Jellies from FAT, Michael Kors watch, Jolie & Deen necklace and Sportsgirl silk singlet

And finally I leave you with my attempt to simultaneously show off the landscape and stare into your soul. 
Until next time 
Adios Amigos

- C xx

23 Mar 2013

18 18 18

 "Lets type something hip" - Caitlin

NIMOCA IS NOW OF LEGAL AGE!  I turned 18 last Wednesday and my beaut pals bought me all these nice things, which I love and adore. The Chanel make-up is much too pretty to use so I'll keep it on my shelf and admire it from a distance.

We had a little soiree (the word is used quite loosely) for the big 1 8 which involved a boy band cake (not kidding), some A+ taco spring rolls (you read right, it's a Mexican and Japanese fiesta, what more could you ask for????) and some heart wrenching speeches (kidding).  Also, ABC shots aren't for the faint of heart and especially not for those who have a French test the next day. Unless you're partial to the taste of acetone - then go right ahead.

"The furthest thing from hip" - Nicolette

14 Mar 2013

Thou shalt not covet thy Coltranes

 If you follow us on instagram or tumblr, you may already know that two weeks ago, the clouds parted and sun shone down on me as I finally bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes.  In what was very similar to my Furby stage when I was five, after obsessing over the shoes, I finally got them.  It was quite a historical moment, that of which was captured on film and will be shown to generations to come.  I bought my pair from Apex Shoes on Chapel Street, one of the few places we've found to stock Jeffrey Campbell's in Melbourne.

They really should have come with a product warning; to avoid wearing the shoes on days that are over 32 degrees.  But then again, everybody else on this earth has a lot more common sense than I do.  As you can probably guess, I was all too keen to wear them out.  Therefore, I wore them last week on that 35 degree day-if you're from Melbourne, then you will know exactly what I'm talking about.  Wearing Coltranes on a hot and sweaty day will go down as one of the stupidest decisions I have made in my life.  I got home and my feet looked and felt as if I had just been crucified.

So when I summoned the courage to wear them again yesterday, I paired them with a pair or black socks, and I had a much easier time running from building to building, across my university campus.

These pictures were taking whilst I was waiting for C to finish her tutorial so we could go and eat lunch.  I'm pretty sure I looked like one of those girls that you see in Starbucks taking photos of their caffee latte mochachinos to put on Instagram in Valencia, but hey, what can you do.

Those shoes, that dirty floor gum.
Cheap Monday Second Skin denim jeans from General Pants
-N x

12 Mar 2013


OK lets talk about how cool the latest collection by Ksubi is
Leather, denim, embroidery, AWESOME.

Everyday with a coffee in hand I walk past the Ksubi store and the same 3 thoughts cross my mind:

1) Why don't I work there? (ok probably because I would do more buying than selling, thats why.)

2) I would kill for multiple pieces from their latest collection (in particular the shorts in the first pic or anything made from denim ahhhh)

3) I would also happily trade lives with Montana Cox (I'm having serious hair / life envy)

Let's be real for a second here, if denim on denim on denim was socially acceptable we would all be doing it. Agreed? Maybe not. But you can't deny that Ksubi just always gets it right. It's no wonder they've become such a hit overseas. Remember when Whitney Port confessed to us that Ksubi was one of her favourite designers? No? Well here's the link for your viewing pleasure.

Anyway, these are only a few of my favourite pictures from the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection "AD/BC" so if you're interested in seeing the full lookbook in all its glory head on over to the Ksubi website.
Oh and if you start having heart palpitations don't say I didn't warn you.

- C x

7 Mar 2013


Photos sourced from Tommy Ton & Vogue Australia

Hey everyone, apologies for the lengthy delays in between posts but starting Uni these past few weeks has taken a lot of getting used to. YES YES we are university students now! (even though we continue to act like 5 year olds).
So, if you've wondered what we have been up to recently.. let me describe for you what we have done practically everyday this week:

1. Gotten up VERY early 
2. Attended lengthy lectures and tutorials
3. Consumed many Grill'd burgers (and fries of course) 
4. Discussed our lack of friend-making abilities and terrible handwriting 
5. Caught the train without ever finding an available seat 

ahhh such a glamourous life

Anyway that aside, we have something incredibly exciting to announce... NIMOCA IS GOING TO EUROPE!!
In June/July/August of this year the three of us along with our good friend Steph, will be travelling around Europe. Even the thought of this trip makes us squeal and dance around in our seats.
So you can definitley look forward to street style snaps from the coolest of places (cough london cough) as well as multiple outfit posts and general travel pics. In the meantime we are going to spend the next few months dying over the thought of chocolate croissants and pizza ajdhfklajdf

OK SO back to reality. In the southern hemisphere Summer is now over and the colder weather is inevitably approaching. I personally can't wait and will be welcoming winter with open arms as jeans and knitwear are somewhat of an obsession of mine. The above photos are my most recent favourite street style snaps taken by the forever awesome Tommy Ton. This fashion week season he has captured so many outfits we can all gain inspiration from. 

Oversized scarves, messy hair, intricate jeans, plaid, baseball caps, khaki and impractically large coats? Yes please. 

- C x