23 Feb 2013

No Jewelry for the Wicked

Coin necklace from Vietnam

 Necklaces from Sportsgirl

Necklaces from Lovisa

Bracelet from Lovisa

 Earrings from Lovisa

Earcuffs from Lovisa and Sportsgirl (so bejewelled and tacky-Barbie, which I love)

As you may or may not already know I am quite the fan of Lovisa jewelry  purely because they have wonderful pieces of (costume) jewelry at very affordable prices.  Therefore, I tend to buy more bracelets and necklaces and rings than necessary when I go into the store.  I bought a couple of necklaces and some bracelets from Lovisa a few weeks ago; two of the necklaces feature here, as does a bracelet and pair of earrings, but I left my rings at a friends house and she has basically repossessed them so I doubt they will ever make it to this page.  Sportsgirl is another store which I find have really nice necklaces for affordable prices.  I bought the two featured in this post for around $7 each, so I was very pleased with myself.  


(Side note, our tumblr has blown up over the past two weeks.  Massive thanks to everybody who's taking notice of our blog, we really do appreciate it.)