27 Jan 2013


Outfit posts are somewhat of a rarity with us. We like to think that's because we're very awkward people who don't know how to pose for a camera. Although, our laziness and general incompetence are definitley contributing factors as well.

Anyway, we went shopping after Uni (we're Uni students now and it's strange and foreign and we want to go back to the routine of high school - even though classes haven't even started yet) and we had one thing in mind - Coltranes. We would finally buy a pair of the ridiculously popular Jeffrey Campbell 'Coltranes' (attributing this want for another pair of shoes to add to our new "Uni wardrobe") and life would be swell.
It all seemed too good to be true but then... were there any in our size??? NO. OF COURSE NOT. /ah/

We also crammed ourselves into a shitty photo booth on Chapel Street (no judgement right?) on a 39 degree day like the twelve year olds we truly are. Oh and we spent the entire day lamenting over the fact that we decided not to buy Tutti Frutti when Monique told us to.
*Valuable lesson in life #1 ALWAYS listen to Monique, especially when Froyo is involved.

Featuring in this post is Caitlin's new Alexander Wang bag. It fills us with joy and happiness just like any good Christmas present should and weighs as much as a small pit bull terrier (the dog, not the singer/rapper/mr. worldwide character). We also have an obsession with watches as you can tell from the first picture, which is quite ironic as we are still not punctual to anything.

As we said before, we're too awkward and collectively have the attention span of a three month child, so we ended up with a whole lot of photos that can only be described as "Outtakes."  Because we enjoy a bit of self deprecating humour we're going to make a second post of those in the future.

Reason enough to come back to this blog?

- NMC x

(PS. If you don't quite get the title do yourself a favour and watch this video below)

17 Jan 2013

Lets talk about Leo, baby

The logical thing for us to be blogging about right now is pre-fall.  The shows were incredible, as usual, and we will definitely address the wonders of Acne, Chanel, Erdem, Phillip Lim, Chloe and Balenciaga, among many other favourites, in posts to come.

As for now, lets talk about Wildfox.  Wildfox is "A brand based on love and having fun with your best friends! Wildfox is for the dreamers, for the lovers, for skinny dippers, for barefoot explorers, for late night chocolate eaters..." As quoted from their Tumblr (you can check that out here)

Their collections are fabulous.  See "Kids in America SS'13" and  "Star Crossed Lovers Autumn '12"  The latter of course, is our favourite.  The following pictures are sourced from Wildfox; marvel in the beauty that is this collection yourself.

And our most favourite shot..
Honestly, we had to physically refrain from captioning each of these pictures with ridiculous tween white girl cliches like "I can't even" because, well, we really can't deal with how great this collection is.

Romeo and Juliet is my favourite Shakespeare play and of course, one of my favourite films.  Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally , the love of my life Leonardo Dicaprio plays Romeo in Baz Luhrmann's 1997 film adaptation of the play.  So it's safe to say that this collection sent me spiraling down into love for Leo, again.  My 10 year old self resurfaced and honestly, my sanity is on the decline.  The love that we collectively have for Leonardo Dicaprio, both young and 38 years of age (he's still got it) is a joke.  I cannot express how much we're obsessed with him, I just-

Anyway, I hope you gathered that we have a lot of love and respect for both Wildfox and Leo.  Because we're really kind and ridiculously obsessed (we're only doing this for selfish reasons, apologies), lets do this for a moment..

when i find myself in times of trouble mother mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom and showing me this photo
this causes me both physical and emotional pain 
the amount of close ups in this film hurts my heart 
i really don't know where this post is going but regardless i like it because leo
i imagine it must be really annoying to be leo at times because any references to water in particular SINKING causes us mortals to think of jack dawson please forgive us leo it's definitely an innate reaction, reflex etc (plus gif leo)

O K so that's definitely not enough for one post, hope you enjoyed staring at Leo's face and appreciating Wildfox as much as we have.

*These photos aren't ours of course*