3 Nov 2013

there's no witty or mysterious way to say this is changing direction, is there?

At risk of sounding like we're 45 years old and splurging on a red Ferrari due to an overbearing sense of crisis, nimoca is 'changing direction' if you will, and is no longer going to be a strict (well, it was never that strict, was it?) look book.  We're much too immature to keep up the serious blogger (again, did we ever get all that serious?) facade any longer.  So say hello to this new space, where we are basically going to document our lives through pictures and stupid, stupid self-deprecating stories that will (hopefully) brighten your day, or at least, give you something to read or look at that will help you procrastinate all the real and important things you're meant to be doing.  Someone once asked us a question that they didn't quite understand what our blog was about, and at the time, we were really at a loss at how to answer that properly.  Hopefully now, we can answer that for you.  This is a blog about us.  *inspirational music muffled in the background*

- the girls at nimoca x

5 Sep 2013

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2013

Last night Nicolette, Alana and myself went along to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. We were lucky enough to attend the Designer Runway 2 featuring the likes of Alice McCall, Manning Cartell & LIFEwithBIRD. Upon arrival we were given novelty lipstick pens (which we wished were real) and struggled to find our seats. The show was beautiful and featured some hilarious interesting interpretive dancers wearing unitards in-between designers. 

Alice McCall was definitely a highlight for the three of us and we spend majority of her show agreeing we had to go and try on absolutely everything in the store. 

Manning Cartell
Alice McCall

Soooooo if you're in Melbourne this week/end make sure to go past the MSFW hub and grab yourself a free! coffee (ft. Alice McCall packaging) and liquorice and makeup etc. etc. 

30 Aug 2013

Ohh la la, croissant croissant, AKA France

Monte Carlo, Monaco (take a bet on how many sports cars and wealthy old men we saw)
Nice, France
Avignon, France
Oh mon dieu, Paris!!

Our final stop on our European Contiki Tour was France.  We hit Monaco and Nice first, and finished in Paris.  I mean, I don't think it is possible to capture how incredible France is in words.  It's a place where you honestly have to visit and see it to believe it is real.  We overdosed on chocolate croissants (no complaints here) and crepes, and managed to see quite a lot of France in the 5 days we were there.  Definitely, without a doubt a place we are visiting again.  

28 Aug 2013


Our next stop was the land of pizza, pasta and flying cannolis.  Italy.  We hit Venice, Rome, Pisa and Florence in five days and battled the hottest sun to see as much as possible.  We were each others dates on the Venitian gondola ride, gladiators (minus the chariots, unfortunately) in Rome and the most obvious tourists ever in Pisa.  What one does at the Leaning Tower shouldn't be judged, right? 

Ooooo lukewarm champagne in a plastic cup featuring an angry gondolier and a sneaker in the canal.

Just before we fought off lions and such

Can I take the prize for best tourist Pisa shot or what??  
Kicking a leaning tower back into an upright position is difficult, let me tell you.
Next stop on our trip... France!
Nic wears: Topshop top, Sportsgirl dungarees, RayBan wayfarers, Mocha bag, London Links bracelet
Caitlin wears: Witchery top, Lee shorts & Sportsgirl top, Decjuba skit & Miss Selfridge jumpsuit
Monique wears: Glassons maxi dress, Dolce and Gabanna sunglasses, Hat from Venetian market

24 Aug 2013

"Fondue Fondue Fondue" aka Switzerland

So once we had survived Amsterdam and one night in Rhine Valley we made our way to Switzerland. Months and months ago when the four of us were planning this holiday, we had little idea of what to expect of Switzerland. We pictured lots of chocolate, cheese and maybe a surprise encounter with Rodger Federer. Well let me tell you Switzerland is one of the most amazing places we have ever seen. From the first moment we hopped off the bus and strolled along the boardwalk we fell in love.

We took a lengthy chair lift ride up the swiss alps all the while the four of us attempted to stay calm. Some old school Britney Spears really helped us out - there's a handy tip for you
The views from the top of the mountain were truly a once in a life time experience (although Nicolette & I had to stop every few stairs due to extreme unfitness). 
I also had a hard time manoeuvring myself onto the rocks. 
Oh and there's a selfie that looks like my water is going into the clouds
... no? I was unconvinced too.

 Despite the blazing heat and highly priced ice-cream, we decided to hire a boat and paddle ourselves around. 
Actually Monique and Nicolette used all their energy to peddle whist Steph and I lay down in the back. 

Caitlin wears: River Island top, Lee Shorts, MinkPink sunglasses, Country Road shoes

Nicolette wears: ASOS crop top, Valley girl pinafore, Beginning Boutique Sunglasses, a raging hangover

Monique wears: Glassons dress, Novo shoes