28 Dec 2012


Before the new year comes around I thought I would do a quick post to farewell 2012! Although this year has been filled with Year 12 stresses and studio arts emotional breakdowns, the creation and expansion of this blog has definitley been a highlight and we're so so glad that we could share it all with you.

On a completely different (less emotional) note... we at Nimoca are absolutely obsessed with instagram. Whenever we get a spare moment this magical app is always being refreshed refreshed refreshed

If you haven't already you can follow us @nimocablog
It's a *super easy to keep up to date with our recent purchases & favourite things as well as snaps from our everyday lives, that we don't always post here on our blog. Pics or it didn't happen right?

*Side note: I really need to stop saying super

Next year we will be doing everything we can to make this blog bigger and better. 
Have a great New Years Eve (and day)!
Catch you on the flip side, laterrrrrrrr

- C xx