28 Dec 2012


Before the new year comes around I thought I would do a quick post to farewell 2012! Although this year has been filled with Year 12 stresses and studio arts emotional breakdowns, the creation and expansion of this blog has definitley been a highlight and we're so so glad that we could share it all with you.

On a completely different (less emotional) note... we at Nimoca are absolutely obsessed with instagram. Whenever we get a spare moment this magical app is always being refreshed refreshed refreshed

If you haven't already you can follow us @nimocablog
It's a *super easy to keep up to date with our recent purchases & favourite things as well as snaps from our everyday lives, that we don't always post here on our blog. Pics or it didn't happen right?

*Side note: I really need to stop saying super

Next year we will be doing everything we can to make this blog bigger and better. 
Have a great New Years Eve (and day)!
Catch you on the flip side, laterrrrrrrr

- C xx

19 Dec 2012


Next Thursday I'm going on a cheeky cruise to the Pacific Islands, so this may be my last post of 2012 (audience cries).  Because of this, I have obviously got to pack - a task which I am hopeless at doing.  I always seem to forget the essentials; for example, pajamas   So, I've started to pack a week in advance, to try to minimize the possibility of me leaving anything behind.
I've also realized that I have forgotten how to simply 'like' something.  I've lost the ability to 'like', instead, I 'obsess'.  For example, I now have an obsession with fingertip rings (see: picture 1).  I've yet to decide whether or not this is a good thing or not.  Leaning towards it not being the greatest.

On the plus side, we got our ATAR scores and are now officially finished with high school!!  It's so strange, knowing we won't be returning back to school next year...  It's all over.  However, now you won't have to deal with us complaining over exams/study scores/ATAR's.  Positives in everything, eh?

For now, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a fabulous New Year.  Obviously, Caitlin and Monique will still be posting, but NI is bidding you a farewell.  Speak to you in 2013!

-N x