20 Nov 2012


ASOS 50's Poppy Print Bikini Top and High Waisted Briefs 

My bathers arrived yesterday-just in time for me to take them to schoolies!  I love them; the clasp at the back of the bikini top isn't difficult to use (it might be just me, but sometimes, those clasps can be miniature rubix cubes) and the briefs start just under the belly button and look quite flattering.  ASOS is my true love.

3 Nov 2012


Last night I had my brother's soccer/football presentation, and out came the ensemble that we've previously blogged about (you can see it here).  I paired it with this gold ring I found in my mum's jewelry box (what) and there you have it!  

My apologies for such a generic commentary on this post, it is 10.10am and my brain isn't functioning properly.