13 Mar 2012

LMFF - Kuwaii

  Kuwaii was another designer we had the privilege of viewing.
 Floral pieces were paired with vintage fabrics and the outcome was beautiful. The final look shown from this collection was a black vintage cotton dress with a satin rope detail at the waist. The floral headpiece was incredibly intricate and the overall look was definitely the "wow" moment of the night. 

I am absolutely in love with the rose coloured version of the finale dress (seen in more detail below). 
Obviously many others felt the same, as the dress is already sold out! Due to the fact that the fabric is vintage the production of the garment was limited. 
Oh well, this means I will be sitting by my computer until the very moment they announce the "more colours to come"!
- Caitlin x

Above Picture only sourced from L'oreal Paris's Facebook Page